Ulla Hansen

Ulla Hansen - bio photo
16 Woodberry Lane
Poland, Maine 04274


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For most of my life, my interest in fine art was limited to visual enjoyment of the work of others. However, with the onset of the Golden Years, God gave me the gift of expression through value, depth and color.

My father was a hobby artist, and when I was about 3 feet tall, I remember watching him paint. I remember being fascinated by the names of the colors on his palette, Burnt Sienna and Raw Umber. Visits to Acadia National Park strengthened my desire to make memories of the beauty in the park. The magnificent legacy left by John D. Rockefeller, Jr. in the carriage roads and grand stone bridges of the park became favorite subjects for several years.

Ulla Hansen - painting Hadlock Bridge

Other places and times of inspiration are frequent hikes and horseback rides through the hills of Western Maine with my horse-enthusiast daughters and grand-daughter. One never knows what breath-taking vista will emerge at the crest of the next hill, and “Oh, Mom, you must paint that,” tells me that something beautiful is up ahead.

Maybe the best part of artistic expression is that there is always more to learn. And, when the process of learning leaves, my easy-out solution is a simple, “Oh, it’s just a piece of paper, feed it to the wood stove and try again.”

I would like to pay tribute to a late friend, Anthony Athos, whose words gave me the courage to try. He said, “Artistry is 90 percent observation and 10 percent talent.” We can all be more observant.

Ulla Hansen - painting Day Mountain

Ulla Hansen - image - river and snow