Sandra J Bell


Sandra is a representational painter whose studio is in Center Lovell Maine. Fall Sundown

Working in oils primarily, she is inspired by whatever holds her attention. Many of
her works include a broad spectrum of North Country subjects….often little
known or off the beaten track.

She begins with her own photography and creates paintings of household
interiors, landscapes, coastal subjects, country trailers and beautiful lake scenes in
a variety of painting styles with a feeling of spontaneity

She also arranges unique tableaux that when painted are either whimsical or
have some psychological or philosophical meaning.

She was drawn to western Maine in the mid-1990’s. Originally from Shaker Composition with Glass and ChinaHeights Ohio, she unfolded her canvas seated stool at the Cleveland Museum of
Art Saturday classes for children at age 5. Copying Renoir being a daunting task
she turned her attention to the sarcophagus and the Armor Court. She
approached life with the same curiosity and has been all over the place ever

Sandra attended college and then art school for a period of time, all the while
paying close attention to 20th century America. She involved herself in historic
preservation (architectural),collected and traded in antiques (dump picking too),
restored old houses, provided interior design and decorating services, hiked in the
mountains, sold suburban residential and country real estate, designed gardens
and watched them grow, ran a private non-transitional facility for young adult
patients, all the while forming a world view.

In 2013, she committed herself to her art.

Sunset Cruise