Norway Arts Festival – Thank You!

First and foremost we thank the sponsors of the prizes. Best in Show Prize $1000.00, $500.00 donated by Oxford Casino and $500.00 by Suzanne and Rupert Grover, Two Dimensional  Prizes, 1st Place $250.00 donated by Valerie Weston of Village Square Realty, Second  Place, $150.00 donated by 100 Aker Wood, Photography Prizes,  1st Place $250.00 donated by Joel  Speakman of Edward Jones Investments and 2nd Place $150.00, $75.00 donated by Joe Galletta of  Ripley- Fletcher Ford and $75.00 by Robert and Irina Kahn, Three Dimensional  Prize  a $250.00 service agreement  from Joe Galletta Ripley –Fletcher Ford and last but not least, the a People’s Choice Award , a special Flag flown over the Capital in Washington, D.C.,  in honor of the Norway Arts Festival with special sentiments from Senator Collins delivered by Carlene M. Tremblay.


Thank-you for making the Norway Arts Festival 46th Annual Sidewalk Art Show a success. Without you none of this would be possible!

We had over 90 exhibitors, artists, artisans and vendors. So many people complimented the organizers of the sidewalk portion of the show. Many liked the way that ambassadors asked questions and helped with registration, booth set up, water, bathroom breaks, and information about food. This extra effort put us up in the category of the best festivals of Maine right up there with Kennebunkport in the eyes of the vendors! Thank-you to early risers and registration helpers, Tally Decato, Carol Hautori, Francoise Fetchko, Dennise Whitley, Rebecca Dowse, Debbie Lagree, Gail Rein.

Thank-you to the second shift Victoria, Carol Rice, Christina Twitchell, Mike and Paula Everett, Judy Mayberry,Jean Labouty and her friend. Thank-you Suzanne for coming by to see if we needed help and giving Barbara the tickets.

Thank-you Brenda Birney for your undying commitment to keep our vendors hydrated on such a hot day!

Thank-you f or all who came back to help with break down, trash and details Robert Kahn, Anthony Morra, Rebecca Dowse, Jean Labouty and friend.

Thank-you to Steve Traficonte for the beautiful easel for our poster for winners!

Thank-you Barbara Traficonte for helping with marking off the booths and talking through logistics for the festival. Thank-you Art for sharing Barbara with the festival.

Thank-you Tally and Rebecca for getting the prize money to the festival on time!

Thank-you Advertiser Democrat for your great coverage and support of the arts!

Thank-you all that helped make this a great success! If, per chance , I did not name someone , forgive me, you still counted and we thank-you!

It takes a great team to succeed. This year we had a great team!

We thank our partners Andrea Burns, Brenda Mehus, Ann Siekman , and Vicky Fogel for all the help they offered via The Norway Downtown Association and their personal help and initiative! Thank-you! Thank-you!

Irina Kahn
Coordinator of the NAF- 46th Annual Sidewalk Art Show Team