Molly Mains

Molly Main WMAG 1Molly Mains, an artist and educator, feels more at home in Maine than in her native New York. She graduated from Colby College and later the University of Southern Maine and remained in the state to inspire middle school artists for 36 years. In 2011 she received the honor of Maine Art Educator of the Year.

During her teaching career she has participated in numerous courses and workshops concentrating on printmaking, book arts, and pastels. Printing is her love. Because of the varied steps required in all forms of printmaking and the unpredictability of the art form, excitement accompanies the entire process. Using her locale as inspiration, the Lakes Region of Maine, Molly immerses herself in the natural world of windblown fields framed with rock walls, ever-greened forests, clear blue lakes and distant mountains.

By selling her work in a “vacationland,” Molly’s artwork can be found in many homes in the greater New England area. Two Maine galleries carry her work: Gallery 302 in Bridgton and Main Street Gallery in Norway. Her work has been exhibited at Deertrees Theater and Cultural Center, the Maine Art Gallery in Wiscasset, the University of Maine in both Augusta and Portland as well as many other venues in the state.

Artist Statement:

Teaching art in the public schools has challenged me (and happily so) to experience a myriad of art materials and techniques. With this knowledge and my love of art, I’m inspired to layer plaster with acrylics, combine watercolor with pastels, or incorporate different printing procedures within one piece.

As the woods and fields were my playground growing up, the outdoors now nourishes my artwork. My childhood sense of wonder at nature’s lines, textures, forms and colors remains with me and pervades all that I create. Through an enriched color palette, illuminated form and a sensitive rendering of line, my goal is to capture nature’s contrasting qualities of fragility and strength.

The creative process demands I initially scrutinize reality. My mind encourages me to imagine and embellish. My artwork then evolves into a visual poem heralding the majesty of nature.

Molly lives in Bridgton, Maine with her husband and devotes herself fulltime to painting and printing.