Michael Everett

285 North Auburn Road

Auburn, Maine  04210


email – mike @ michaeleverett-artist.com

website – www.michaeleverett-artist.com

Mike describes his work this way.-

I began painting as a way to recapture memorable scenes from travels in northern Maine, mostly
canoe trips in the region of the Allagash and Saint John Rivers.  For forty-or-so years I painted as a desultory hobby, producing a few works that were lucky accidents.

Lately, I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to approach painting in oils with more time and a more systematic approach.  I hope I have produced a few paintings others will enjoy.

I also travel with camera and sketchbook, on the lookout for interesting scenes.  In addition to local subjects, my recent works include paintings inspired by the north shore of the Saint Lawrence River, the Gaspé peninsula, and Newfoundland.  I also paint scenes in my backyard, where my studio is a small shack I built myself.