Jean Labounty


Originally from Rochester N.H., the youngest of 4 children. I grew up wanting to be just like my big sister. She could draw animals so well and she was my first influence. Later on in high schoo,l I did very well in the subject of art and I was self-taught from then until 2012, when I started taking classes with Murad Sayen of Paris, Maine. He is a realism artist, his medium, oils. He sells his work worldwide and is an excellent artist! That was, in my mind a turning point for me. He has
taught me so much and I feel that I have really improved with his help.

I have done different kinds of art over the years including folk art, sign painting with artwork included in most cases, and realism. I choose to use oils as my medium most of the time, as I find the colors to be so rich. I am inspired by love, the love of family, friends, music, animals, and magnificent nature. I guess I must say that portraits are my favorite subject, but I enjoy it all. I also do faux painting for people, for example

I painted a bathroom which was mostly blue, changing it to a wood grain to match other areas that were natural wood. Nobody has been able to tell it was painted unless they were told. I call myself the “Illusionist”. 😊 I also painted faux door latches on some old doors and people thought they were real. I enjoy this kind of work very much!
I have been a member of the Western Maine Art Group for several years, they are a wonderful group of people and fine artists.