January Artist of the Month – Rick Bader

Richard Bader has been chosen as the Maine Street Gallery’s Artist of the Month.  A selection of his work will be on display at the gallery through January.

Rick Bader has been taking photographs for over 35 years, falling in love with photography when seeing his first black and white come to life in the darkroom. He is a graduate from the Germain School of Photography in NYC and has worked in studios in New York, San Francisco and Palo Alto. 

Boats_on_Lake_Edward_AR_4Rick has fared well in photo competitions over the years, and has seen his work published in newspapers and travel brochures. He takes his inspiration from the interaction between living things and their environment.  Rick is currently the president of Richard Bader Physical Therapy in Norway, Maine. He lives on an apple orchard with his 19 year old daughter Victoria and beautiful wife Birgit.

Rick’s images are a of result of a process that Rick calls “Artistic Rendering”. He describes his approach, “I manipulate the image in Aperture and Photoshop until I am happy with the result, at times spending spend over 15 hours before a single image is ready for print.  I am blessed to share my passion for travel with my love of photography, and hope these emotions show in the images you see in this show.”