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I’ve always loved to draw and paint and I’ve always loved horses, so it’s no surprise I started out drawing and painting horses and ended up having horses and drawing and painting.  It’s been a doorway to a wonderful life.

I majored in art at Emmanuel College during which time I spent many hours at the wonderful Boston Museum of Art, just a short walk from school.  After graduation I took time off to tour the major European museums. I found viewing some of these masterpieces a visceral experience, as if there was a kind of life energy emanating from them.  I seek this quality in my own work.  In my early years, I utilized the underpainting technique of the “old masters” and painted primarily portraits in a very realistic style. I did achieve some degree of success  in those years, winning best of show at my first major competition at Boston City Hall and subsequently Gail Rein Imagebeing published in Yankee Magazine.  This was shortly followed an affiliiation with Portraits Inc in NY and Portraits North in Boston.  Notable portraits include the Chief Circuit Court Judge in Washington, DC, the retiring treasurer of Dartmouth College, the President of Juniata College,  and the father of Maine’s former CEO of The American Ski Co, Les Otten. I treasure the letter I received from Mildred Otten:  “It would be difficult for me to tell you exactly how I felt when I looked at Albert’s portrait.  It was as if you brought him alive in such a total way that one seldom experiences this kind of emotion.”         

My art, like my life, has been thru many twists and turns.  Having returned to art after a long absence, I find my enthusiasm at an all time high.  I am giving myself the gift of free and personal expression and am relishing the qualities of paint itself.  I wish the viewer to enter into the process by being allowed to see some of the early layers, as well as enjoy the many types of paint, from glazes to impasto, blending to bravura, and abstraction intermingled with realism.   Nature feeds my spirit which fuels my creativity.  I see things as an expression of an underlying whole, with intermingling energies, colors, and lights.  I try to convey this in my art.