Francoise Lagoutte Fetchko

Francoise Fetchko - image 5 - lake scene

Artwork: Oil

Genre: Landscapes, Seascapes and Still Life.


Each day I look forward to going up to my little studio to paint in Bryant Pond Maine. Since my youth in France I have been interested in art and particularly painting. However, when I moved to Maine I had the time and inspiration to express my interest fully.

I have taken formal classes in art at the Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, Massachusetts and at the Maine College of Art in Portland, Maine. I have had many teachers.Each has had a different influence. I live in Maine and I continue to visit France, where most of my family lives. I paint both from reality and from  photographs, but never from a place or subject I have not seen or experienced

Francoise Fetchko - image 4 - yellow finch

Francoise Fetchko - image 3- yellow and white flowers

Francoise Fetchko - image 2- sea scape with rocks

Francoise Fetchko - image 1 - blue flower