Dr. Tere K. Porter

tere porter wmagMy hobbies are photography and singing. I’ve sung and acted in many community sponsored Broadway shows. I continue to sing in church choirs and men’s barbershop choruses. I currently sing in the Casco Village Church Choir and the champion Downeasters Barbershop Chorus.

I was born in Aroostook County. My father was also an optometrist. He started practice in Houlton but soon moved to Belfast, which is where I grew up. When my parents asked me what I wanted for a high school graduation gift, I told them that I would like to have a 35mm camera. That was 1960 and I’ve been taking photographs ever since.

When our children were in junior and senior high school here in Oxford Hills, I switched to videotaping all of their music concerts. I continued this after they graduated for the Music, Arts and Drama Boosters Club to help support the SAD 17 fine arts program until about the year 2000.

I like video for action and audio shooting and I have video taped many of our vacations such as our trip to Alaska. But still photographs are and always have been my first love.

I love the beauty of a single flower blossom. The petals are so delicate, intricate and exciting to behold. When I see a sunset of vivid hues, I can’t help but try to catch the majesty of that moment. I also want to capture the brilliant colors of fall foliage. I enjoy what fog does to light and a scene as it is rising in the morning sun. I am intrigued by what happens when a firework explodes and what happens when I try to photograph it with a handheld or tripod mounted camera. In short, I love nature and what GOD has put before us to enrich our lives. I pray that somehow I can preserve a fraction of GOD’s Wonders.