Chris Jurack

Chris Jurack, MBA, International Emphasis, Lake Erie CollegeBridge_Jurack

Borderlands Photography

Volunteer work for the Bridgton Historical Society

Board Member – Western Maine Art Group

Artist Statement:

Working with photography and a bias towards black and white imaging, my goal is to capture the fleeting moment when the elusive combination of light, subject and surroundings synergistically come together to make a memorable image.  Similar to a fly fisherman in pursuit of trout on a wild stream, I am consistently challenged by the quest to find that “just right” image, and then the moment when the angle, the elements of the environment and light come together to capture a suitable rendition.  My works are oriented towards nature, events, rural structures, historical considerations, weather and significant geological formations.


A home darkroom with wet chemistry, developing film, and an enlarger was part of the earlier learning process. Over time, opportunities became available to serve as a photographer recording autocross race events; sky diving, as a back up wedding photographer, and other situations for friends and associates.  The inspiration to exhibit works comes from numerous observers; photo processors; and other skilled artists, particularly in Maine, who are also photographers. Knowledge and inspiration has come from the study of others, including Cartier-Bresson, Ansel Adams, Galen Rowell, the roster of Magnum photographers and numerous other international artists.


Retired senior manager with a career spanning three major employers including a Water Treatment Company, a Control and Instrumentation Company and a Software company. P&L responsibilities encompassed sales, product management, industry management, and international projects, contractors and contract management. Staff responsibilities included sales management; training and organizational development; succession planning, and High Potential and Executive development programs.  Software applications included real time in-flight data tracking in the Unlimited Class Reno air racing as a the sponsorship manager and a member of the “Rare Bear” air racing team.


Corporate requirements necessitated extensive travel to nearly 30 countries including Scandinavia, Western Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Canada, South America and most of the Pacific Rim. A significant benefit was an after duty hours hands-on learning opportunity. Carrying a camera, the secondary visits with associates or clients to museums, displays, Parisian street artists, cultures and historic locations became unique learning opportunities to enhance the image library and learn new techniques.