About Us

About Us

In keeping with our Mission Statement, the Western Maine Art Group provides the following services for our Artists and Artisans:

  1. Provide exhibit space at the Main Street Gallery for subsidy by the artists and visibility for artwork.
  2. Provide exhibit space in numerous public spaces at no cost including: Norway Operations Center, Stephen’s Memorial Hospital, Oxford Federal Credit Union, Edward Jones Investment Firm, Agren Appliance Store, Market Square Nursing Home, Ripley Building.
  3. Offer art classes, demonstrations and juried shows.
  4. Offer teaching opportunities in preferred mediums.
  5. Website exposure and community advertising.
  6. Participation in the annual Norway Arts Festival Sidewalk Art Show.
  7. Offer networking within the arts community of Western Maine.
  8. Offer partnering opportunities with other art organizations.
  9. Offer art class and demonstration space in the Matolcsy Arts Center.
  10. Hold First Friday Receptions for artists and artisans at the Main Street Gallery.

For the community:

  1. Hold art exhibits at the Main Street Gallery and the Matolcsy Art Center.
  2. Offer art classes in a variety of mediums at various locations.
  3. Offer opportunities for trips to museums and shows.
  4. Offer opportunities for plein air painting workshops.
  5. Support youth and beginning art students.
  6. Offer the opportunity to see the history of art in Norway.
  7. Website information and resources.
  8. Host the annual Sidewalk Art Show during the Norway Downtown Festival.
  9. Hold retrospective historical art exhibits and traveling exhibits in the Matolcsy Art Center.
  10. Hold book signings and offer rental opportunities for public events at the Matolcsy Art Center.

The Western Main Art Group was founded as a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization in 1962, by Hungarian fine artist Professor Lajos Matolcsy and his students Lee Bean and Ellie Viles, for the purpose of providing opportunities for Western Maine artists and artisans to learn, exhibit and teach, while providing broad opportunity access to original arts.

Finding Us:

Western Maine Art Group

PO Box 122, Norway, Maine 04268

Lajos Matolcsy Arts Center (former schoolhouse)

480 Main Street, Norway, Maine 04268

Main Street Gallery

426 Main Street, Norway, Maine 04268


Phone: (207) 393-3912

Cell: 207.890.3649